Evaluation and Benchmarking

PLEIAQ helps you to analyse, in full confidentiality, opportunities and threats for your activity towards regulations, standards and certifications. Through standardisation and INIVE activities, PLEIAQ has developed an important network among universities and industries in Europe.

Consultant for INIVE

PLEIAQ is involved in the European and international platforms TightVent in partnership with INIVE.

In this context, Valerie Leprince coordinates TAAC (Tightvent Airtigthness Association Committee) meetings. This network brings together associations, universities and industries to share information on approaches, methods and products to improve building and ductwork airtightness while securing adequate ventilation. Various publications have been made through surveys performed in the context of TAAC:

Consultant for BCCA

PLEIAQ has technically supported BCCA in the implementation of the quality framework for airtightness testing. Two articles have been presented at the AIVC conferences