Standardisation and regulation

As an active member in European working groups TC 156, PLEIAQ helps you with your standards and regulations watch.

Valérie Leprince participates to the French commission UNM 714 « Ventilation for buildings – Systems » and the technical committee CEN/TC 156 « Ventilation for buildings ». PLEIAQ can provide a technical watch upon your request of standards development.

Between 2013 et 2016, she has been involved in the revision of standards supporting the « Energy Performance of Buildings » directive (mandate M/480 of the European Commission). She has contributed to the revision of standards EN 16798-7 (calculation of airflow rates including infiltration) and EN 16798-17 (inspection of ventilation and air conditioning systems).

At French level, Valérie Leprince is a member of the « Club ventilation », a working group lead by the ministry on charge of construction .

(See the french reference website on buildings' ventilation )