Who are we?

PLEIAQ - Valérie Leprince and Nolwenn Hurel

PLEIAQ is a group of two independant consultants that provides scientific and technical advice in the field of ventilation, airtightness and thermal performance of buildings and façade components.

PLEIAQ works for multiple clients including industries, R&D departements, certification bodies, scientific and technical centers, engineering schools.

In the field of ventilation and airtightness of buidings, our key types of services are:

  • Setting up, participating and coordinating national, European and international projects (research, development, dissemination, etc.);

  • Evaluating and benchmarking products, systems, certifications, standards and regulations;

  • Development of national and European standards as expert in several working groups on ventilation in buildings.

We also aim at providing expertise for the evaluation of the thermal performance of buildings and façade components with:

  • Technical studies on the thermal performance of building components: 2D/3D simulations for the calculation of the U-value, linear/point thermal conductivity induced by a thermal bridge, evaluation of the condensation risk, etc.

  • Trainings in France on the Physibel sotware for 2D/3D simulation of heat transfer in building components (BISCO, TRISCO, etc.)

PLEIAQ contributes or has contributed to national, European and international projects, for instance:

  • AIVC, information centre of the International Energy Agency on ventilation and infiltration;

  • PROMEVENT and PROMEVENT Tertiaire a project of the French programme « Towards responsible buildings at horizon 2020 »;

  • Durabilit'Air a French project on the durability of building airtightness;

  • The European and international platforms TightVent in partnership with INIVE.