Building physics & Thermal simulations

We offer our expertise in the modelisation and the simulation of thermal transfer through building components and façade elements.

We use the Physibel software (BISCO, TRISCO, BISTRA, SOLIDO, etc) for both:

  • 2D or 3D simulations
  • Steady or dynamic simulations

We can evaluate the performance of your building components and façade elements from a hand-made drawing a graphic image (.DXF) or a Physibel model, and through a number of key parameters

  • Heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of a wall (Uw), a frame (Uf), a glazing (Ug), etc.
  • Linear and point thermal transmittance (Ψ and χ ) characterizing a thermal bridge
  • Temperature factor (f) to evaluate the inner condensation risk

Our expertise includes a strong knowledge of international standards (EN ISO 10211, EN ISO 10077-1&2, EN ISO 13370, EN ISO 12631, EN 673, EN ISO 13370, etc).